Sally Stevens' work as a singer, lyricist and vocal contractor
in the fields of film, recording and television, has spanned many years in
Hollywood and she is pleased to still be at it.

But about twelve years ago she began pursuit of a second passion
- Fine Art Photography.

She has had four solo exhibits, working in traditional black & white 35 mm. film:
"STREET SCENES & OTHER JOURNEYS", A Studio Gallery (2003)
"ASPECTS OF LIGHT", A Studio Gallery (2004)
"FILM SCORING: BEHIND THE SCENES", A Studio Gallery (2005)
"POEMS FROM THE ROAD", A Studio Gallery (2007).

She also participated in an exhibit of women photographers
in the village of Ternay, France, in May of 2002 and her work has been
included in four group shows at A Studio Gallery.

She received Nominee Awards recognition in three categories in the
2005 International "Black & White Spider Awards" competition.

In addition, work from the Film Composers Series (a work in progress)

was exhibited at The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, in 2007.
Eventually she hopes to turn the material from this series into a book
which might be of interest to film score fans (of which she has discovered there are many! )

She has another project which she hopes will someday also be a book,
the proceeds of which would be donated to assist the homeless community in Los Angeles.

The work is a series of black and white photographs of mothers and their children,
accompanied by interviews with the mothers, while they were in residence
at the Union Rescue Mission on Skid Row.

This project began with an idea Sally had when she learned that at the time
the Union Rescue Mission was the only shelter on Skid Row that accepted women and children.
She wanted do some fine quality black and white photographs of the children
in residence as gifts for their mothers. She felt this was something
most of the mothers there might never have, and those childhoods like
all childhoods, goes by so very quickly. The idea eventually grew
into the idea of creating a book which would include interviews with
the woman as well as the photographs of the families. This idea was

warmly received by the gentleman who was at the time in charge of
fund raising for the Mission's proposed Transitional Housing Shelter,
and over the period of the next four months, making weekly visits,
she completed 26 interviews, with accompanying photographs, and has
printed a "mockup" of the first three chapters of the book.

She's looking for a "publisher" home for the material!

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